Testimonials From Clients of Our Acupuncture Clinic in Kamloops

Sandra L, CGA

"I came to Dr. Farnsworth with some specific health issues and upon discussion of my medical history, details about my life and stress level, the subject of my Mom's passing came up. I pleasingly found that he could not only help with specific areas of the body, but also emotional well-being. It is unbelievable the number of areas of your health that acupuncture can address. Surprisingly, there is nothing to the needles; you rarely even notice they are there. Not only have I overcome my medical issues; my overall energy levels and sense of well-being have improved. It is truly amazing and the sessions are very relaxing and rejuvenating."

Mike M.

"I went to acupuncture to be treated for low back and sciatic pain. After one treatment I was feeling about 30 % better. After 6 more treatments I was 100% better. That was 8 months ago and I still feel good. The surprising thing is I don’t get stressed out at work like I use to. Thank you Dr. Farnsworth."

Joan T.

"Wow, what a difference I feel after having my acupuncture treatments. I was having quite severe headaches, vertigo and nausea. Some days it was hard for me to leave the house. After being treated by Dr. Farnsworth I feel like a new person. Not only did my symptoms go away but I feel much calmer as well."

Yin Yang

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