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Acupuncture is a time-tested, safe, natural and drug-free health care system that can provide immediate relief and long lasting benefits. It promotes natural healing and can help you return to and stay in a state of optimal health by restoring the proper and continuous flow of vital energy, called Qi (pronounced chee). Qi is characterized by the dynamic interaction of two opposed, yet complimentary energy forces called Yin (feminine energy) and Yang (masculine energy). Learn More.

What Does an Acupuncturist Do?

With Traditional Chinese Medicine the patient is looked at as a whole being. This means the physical and emotional parts are connected and can often affect each other. The practitioner, thru listening, asking, pulse diagnosis and even looking at the tongue, can get a lot of information as to the root problem of the patient, not just the symptom. Qi, which is our vital life force energy, travels thru our body in energy pathways called meridians. This Qi affects every cell in our body and also has a strong influence on our blood flow. An injury, emotional crisis, or disease will cause a dysfunction in how the body is working. By inserting fine acupuncture pins into specific points on the meridians an acupuncturist is able to affect how the body is functioning. The main action is to cause homeostasis or balance in the body.

If Dr. Farnsworth detects imbalances of Qi, he will place fine, hair-like, sterile needles along meridian pathways to clear the obstruction and balance Qi.

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